Dessert Tablescapes

Cupcake Display

The number one stunner on the infamous dessert table is (drum roll, please), the incomparable: Cupcake. Dun, dun, dun, daah!

What makes cupcakes so snazzy? Let me take you back to pre-k: besides lollipops, cupcakes have always been your go-to celebratory treat. They’re cute, they’re little, they fit snug in the palm of your hand and they’re gone a few bites. Need we say more about this familiar, nostalgic heart throb of a treat? We didn’t think so. We love cupcakes, too! … Click here for our cake flavor combinations.

Petits Fours

We are CRAZY about petits fours! These dainty little gems of joy are 3 soft layers of cake nestled between 2 sumptious fillings then dunked in a chocolate glaze. Oh, boy! We can hardly contain ourselves!

Petits Fours: coming to a tea party near you. (or a baby shower, bridal shower, after-party and so on, and so on…).

Hey! Hop on over to our petits fours selection by clicking here!

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Petite Dessert Tablescapes!

Kid in Candy Store: Take 1


Okay, you got us. We dig desserts. We have a massive sweet tooth. But who can resist a table full of dainty, little sweet morsels of chocolate, caramel, fruit, brownies, puddings, cookies and more? Not us!

The Lowdown: Your dessert table will be a buffet of miniature nostalgic sweets that are dressed to the 9’s – beautifully displayed on your very own custom designed tablescape highlighting your theme.

We offer a selection of little sweets for everyone on your guest list to enjoy. Take a peek below, you’ll see!

Brownies & Cookies

Next up on our all-star dessert line up: chewy, buttery soft-baked cookies and rich, thin-crackle-topped fudgy brownies. AKA: Yum!

We offer a scrumptious selection of familiar cookie flavor options. Each soft-baked cookie is 3″ round and studded with delicious treats. Although we offer our 3″ square brownies in the buff, we implore you to dive into our Signature Rum Caramel Pecan brownie. It’s something serious! But the other brownie flavors will send you swinging as well. Or mash it up and get the best of both worlds with the infamous Brookie! (#CantResistIt).  … Click HERE if you have a hankering for some brownie good-good.

Shots, Pops & Tarts

Dessert shots and shooters are a genius way to enjoy spoonable desserts in a neat little serving. We offer our shots filled with creamy, dreamy, sweet and sticky delights only able to be goobled up with a spoon.

Cake pops are trendy little spheres of frosted cake dipped in chocolate presented as a nifty individual portion. One bite of this thin outer shell revealing a soft, moist cake-y center surrounded by oodles of decadence. A must have for your dessert table.

Tarts and tartlettes gives a bright, tangy, creamy take on this buttery pastry topped with glazed fresh fruit. These cute little pies fit the bill to a T! We create fruit fillings as well as cream fillings for these classic pastry pies. Dig in!

Warm Deep Dish

There is no place like pie, no place like pie. Click your heels, Dorothy. We’re going back to Kansas! … Offer your guests a warm, satisfying dessert that tickles their fancy.

Buttery, sweet Southern pecan pie, gooey Whiskey Bourbon bread pudding, peach cobbler, black cherry almond crisp and more? Grab Toto and let’s ease on down the yellow brick road to your dessert table extravaganza! Click here to get a detailed menu and price list.

Chocolate Indulgence

Chocolate is THE bestest thing in the whole world! (Well, in our world at least). … Your weakness for all things chocolate will be satisfied here: double fudge brownies, double chocolate espresso soft-baked cookies, truffles, dipped marshmallows and krispie treats and more. Chocolate desserts are the ULTIMATE crowd pleaser.

Coffee Cakes & Scones

Pinkies up! Impress your bridal shower guests with a dainty spread of coffee cakes and bridal petits fours. … Hosting a baby shower? Coordinating a princess tea party? We will create an eloquent display of scones, sugar cookies and other petite delights with all the fixin’s. Click here to request our menu and price list.