Petits Fours

Pass the Tea and Crumpets, Please …

A tea party just isn’t a tea party without these cake-y little gems making a grand appearance.


Petits Fours, or “little oven”, are 3 super thin layers of soft, delicious cake nestled in a decadent bed of fillings draped in a cloak of chocolate. (Well at least our version is). We crown each mini cake with a chocolate brooch, cameo, butterfly, pressed stamp seal and edible sugar pearls.

Almond Raspberry

The first flavor we ever made was the almond raspberry combination. Man oh man! You talking ’bout something good?

This classic flavor combination consist 3 layers of buttery almond infused cake, 2 layers of robust raspberry preserves, dunked in our luxe white chocolate glaze then crowned with chocolate embellishments. … Simply superb.

Chocolate Cassis

A touch of elegance is what these decadent little beauties adorn your shi-shi foo-foo event with.

Okay, Cassis? Yeah, we know… So, Cassis is a deep, dark, rich, sweet liqueur made from black currants. It plays beautifully in the sandbox with dark chocolate, espresso and rum. (Que the: “Ta-dah!”). 3 layers of dark chocolate rum cake, a double layer of creamy cassis buttercream, enveloped in exquisite dark chocolate glaze. … A symphony.

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla is one of those timeless flavors that will not ever become passe.

Once you sink your teeth into these 3 delicate layers of moist, buttery vanilla bean cake, ultra smooth vanilla bean pastry mousseline, a thin hat of our luxurious white chocolate glaze. … Simplicity at it’s finest.

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Lemon Cream Cheese

Pucker up and smooch! These summer-y little buds of joy will have you dancing around as you sit in the shade while sipping some lemonade.

Sweet, tart triple layers of zesty lemon cake, a thin layer of lemon curd, dreamy cream cheese buttercream dunked in a sea of luxe white chocolate glaze. … Aaaah!

Chocolate Raspberry

Talk about a match made in Heaven! Sweet, sticky, tart raspberry preserves peeking out under blankets of dark chocolate rum cake encased in a dark chocolate glazed. .. This is truly a sophisticated fine chocolate indulgence.

Switch it up a bit and order our Chocolate Orange. …Whaaaat, Yum!

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Colonial 4th of July Petits Fours

Baby Shower Petits Fours